The largest professional diving industry sector is The Training and Exploration Sector, which caters generally speaking for recreational divers.
With an estimated 250,000 active individuals, and 12,000 diving facilities worldwide.
The Workforce is active either as, sales and support staff, Captains and crew, Snorkel and Dive Guides, Instructors, Trainers, Course Directors, Agency Representatives, Manufacturers, Service and Products providers.



The Dive Professionals project started way back in 2007, and saw it's first networks and discussion group on LinkedIn which provided the best platform for professional groups at the time.
Dive Professionals consisted mainly of training and exploration professionals and generally speaking of independents, owners and executives. The discussions we had were very varied and interesting, all in the spirit of exchange of information, striving for more professionalism. The network continued growing and as social media came and went (Google+) we expanded to Twitter, Facebook...

The prerequisites to join the groups was to be deriving income from diving activities, regardless of their activity sector.

As our members and followers network grew to thousands of professionals worldwide, some members decided it was time to go over from discussions to actions. In 2010 our first website saw the light of day...

It was not very successful, but was a first step towards creating a central portal for all professionals.

Fast forward to 2020. Our network of dive professionals counts over 40,000 members and followers on our different platforms. A team of volunteers has emerged to take action to the next stage in order to fulfill our mission of uniting, professionalizing and creating a better future for all professional individuals and businesses active in the diving industry.