The largest professional diving industry sector is The Training and Exploration Sector, which caters generally speaking for recreational divers.
With an estimated 250,000 active individuals, and 12,000 diving facilities worldwide.
The Workforce is active either as, sales and support staff, Captains and crew, Snorkel and Dive Guides, Instructors, Trainers, Course Directors, Agency Representatives, Manufacturers, Service and Products providers.
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While we are confident, that our products and services to our members, will be economically viable, without fundraising efforts and donations; in the future.
However, for our first three launching months of official operation; and the IADP HQ SETUP, we will need support from our fans and wide network. Time to evolve, time to put our money, where our mouths are.
Your support, and donations, will be put to good use, and benefit professional divers worldwide.
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Protecting the Sudanese shorelines of the Sudan, of further destruction by unsustainable mooring practices by visiting liveaboards. But also protecting the Shaab Rumi Atoll, a the most historical site for divers around the world; as it houses the remains of the 'Pre-continent 2' Experiment lead by the illustrious legend of diving, none other than J.Y. Cousteau, whom with the 'MV Calypso' and it's crew in 1954; brought innovation by experimenting living underwater for 30 days. This historical site is constantly threatened and needs protection, at all costs.

The project consists of 5 stages:

  1. Research, fundraising and purchasing of all necessary materials and equipment. Subsequently shipping to Port Sudan for delivery to SUDIA.ORG | Wild Life Department (custodians of the Sudan Marine Protected Areas)
  2. During our Research Expeditions, identifying areas used by unsustainable mooring practices; and ranking them in order of priorities; starting with Shaab Rumi Atoll's 'Pre-Continent 2' Historical site.
  3. Training and Mooring Expeditions: During 3 separate expeditions, a local dive team will be trained and coached on the job; while mooring the locations identified.
  4. A maintenance, usage and reporting program will be setup with local stakeholders.
  5. Mooring areas are constantly expanded, on a quarterly basis; with direct supervision for the next 3 years.

Initial fundraising capital of 150,000 will ensure, stages 1 - 4 are funded. Whilst thereafter it is expected for Sudan to be self sufficient.

We have chosen the worldwide renowned, Manta Ray anchoring system:

MANTA RAY® earth anchors are driven tipping plate soil anchors for reaction of tensile loads. MANTA RAY anchors have ultimate capacities up to 20 tons.
The beautifully simple, effective and low cost MANTA RAY anchor system represents a major breakthrough in anchoring technology with a multitude of uses in Marine Markets. This system also ensures no further destruction to the marine environment.

Project Team:

  • Project Manager | Dive Team Leader: Henri Hemmerechts
  • Scientific Advisor: Dr. GJ Gast
  • Marine Advisor: Capt. Lorenzo Segalini
  • Sudan Coordinator: Mr.A El Mahdi

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As a committed individual, a non conformist, and the everlasting idealist.
A passionate mariner, professional diver and a business consultant, a colleague, a fellow dive professional; I live and breathe, the diving industry since 1988.
I started the DIVE PROFESSIONALS project in 2007, to unite likeminded professionals; and create a counter balance to global challenges, individuals cannot take on by themselves.
As the founder, of the IADP, I take full responsibility, in putting our mission statement, and decisions by the Board of Directors, into actions.
Doing so with honesty, professionalism, integrity; and transparency to our members, colleagues and dedicated volunteers.
‘Vis Unita Fortior’ - ‘Strength United is Stronger’
I invite you to read my blog, where I duly report our progress.
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