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Although the International Association will be streamlined and decentralized, with the help of technology. 
Our BOD, and opening team are currently looking, at various different legalization possibilities.

The consensus currently is to register the IADP, in the only digital country in the world; namely Estonia.


We are currently seeking a funding of 7000 Euro, which will cover the following, 3 months startup budgeting needs:

  • Legalization, administrative setup costs, of approx. 2500 Euro
  • Office Spaces will be decentralized, and a monthly allocation for shared costs will be disbursed to employee's
  • Office Manager part time salary
  • Interim Director part time salary
  • Travel, communication 

Project Team:

  • Project Coordinator: Mr. Cedric Laurant Esq.
  • R&D: Mr. Miroslav Karaicic
  • Secretary: Mrs. Lara Gerdes
  • Treasurer: Mr. Marian Fritz
  • Business Consultant: Mr. Henri Hemmerechts

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