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The Red Sea University Project, aims to help in the development of the Marine Faculties, taught at the Red Sea University in Port Sudan.
The project is based on the premise of bringing, knowledge and tools to developing countries. And subsequently help them to achieve self sustainability.

Consisting of the following, concrete development aid:

  • Restoration of the faculty buildings, and Jetty
  • Organizing a worldwide collection of educational, research and support materials. Which will be collected in central points across Europe, thanks to our network of professionals and volunteers. Subsequently the collected materials will be centrally collected and shipped to Port Sudan.
  • Purchasing of marine safety, boating, swimming and diving equipment; both new and second hand. 
  • Sending a team of advisors and teachers, to help setup an official diving academy under the auspices of the Red Sea University. Subsequently ensure continuous monitoring and consulting for the next years; until such time the academy is self sufficient.
  • Enable the exchange of information, and expanding educational curriculums in the following fields:

    1. Marine Biology
    2. Sustainable Coastal Management
    3. Naval Architecture
    4. Recycling
    5. Sustainable fisheries
    6. Marine & Tourism Development

Project Team:

  • Coordinator: Henri Hemmerechts
  • Scientific Advisor: Dr. Sheikheldin Elamin
  • European Coordinator: Mrs. A Tekoppele

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