With dire reports coming from all over the world's Oceans, the time to act has never been more urgent. It is clear that the classic conservation efforts of the last 70 years are failing to achieve, their intended objectives. GOBLU3 takes a renewed look at conservation, and sustainable development. Re-evaluating our natural marine resources, and the way we monitor and manage them.

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GOBLU3 Cornerstones:


GOBLU3 believes the community to be the central key to successful environmental protection, through the OC3AN-CLUB our online platform we centralize our love for the Oceans. By providing project management services, GOBLU3 supports community actions and projects led by a team of dedicated local volunteer coordinators. Achieving optimum community involvement and exposure. GOBLU3 consolidates all stakeholders in a community and rallies them to join forces for a better future.


GOBLU3 also offers different educational programs for school kids, and adults alike adapted to nurture community involvement and the expansion of education. GOBLU3 networks and shares information with a multitude of partners and organizations worldwide, so as to achieve, and upkeep an optimal level of training and education.
Furthermore extending it's training to different training organizations and online educational programs aimed at sharing the knowledge, and experience gathered to it's many colleagues worldwide.


Creating a long term economic sustainability with a 'positive footprint' is the foundation of a sound economy based on natural resources, for every reef felled, two need to be planted.
The circle of capital income, investment and expenditures is not just depending on donations and goodwill, but is anchored within a reasonable business structure for optimum longevity, and sustainability.
By combining Art, Sports, Sea Scaping, farming and other financial opportunities GOBLU3 spearheads a new way of looking at the economy of environmental sustainability.


Never loosing touch with the environment GOBLU3 goes beyond addressing current problems and prepares for the future, taking a pro-active role in protection by planting reef gardens, restoring fish species, restoring Eco balances and addressing problems at their core; by providing alternative solutions that work.