Since 2021 the team of volunteers of the IADP have worked relentlessly on implementing our mission statement. 

"Develop and Supporting marine conservation projects, and education; worldwide. 
Providing active support to third world countries’ minority coastline residents and communities. Assisting local organizations in logistical support."
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Our popular public portal, is our second online system; currently being redeveloped with the intent to extend information about our trade to the general public. But also will provide a home for our professional members, where they can connect, communicate with peers and likeminded individuals.

But also where serious divers, can connect with true career professionals; that are just a bit better than the rest of the pack.

We are expecting to relaunch in BETA mode, mid summer 2022, priority will be given to our group members on our different social media channels.

Make sure to join our groups, in the meantime to receive an invite to the BETA. If you are on Linkedin Click Here. Use Facebook? Then click here to join our FB Group