BOD Adoption of Articles of Association (Full Video)

BOD-AOA Adoption Celebrating the moment

On the 19 th of April, the Board of Directors convened for a special session; to ratify and adopt the Articles of Association, for the International Association of Dive Professionals.
Mr. E Haynes, architect of the AOA project worked on the document, with the cooperation of the directors; since December 2020.

Directors on the board, present:
Mrs. L Gerdes
Mr. M Karaicic
Mr. E Haynes
Mr. M Fritz
Mr. C Laurant
Mr. H Hemmerechts

So what's in store now, for the IADP and it's volunteers? Whilst various teams of volunteers are working on projects. The legalization team, under the leadership of Esq. Mr. Cedric Laurant and Mrs. Lara Gerdes; are now registering the IADP officially as a non profit, in the state of California (US).

The International Association of Dive Professionals, is now an N.P.O (Non Profit Organization) in formation.

Milestone reached, the IADP is now a NPO in format...
My commitment for 2021, and beyond

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