My commitment for 2021, and beyond

THEOCEANROAMER - IADP Signing off on my commitment

Following our mission statement, volunteers and employee's of the IADP work on a multitude of projects.
The Year 2021, while still in under global pandemic, that began in 2020; brings its challenges, not only for our team; but also for professional divers worldwide.
We aim to take this respite, as a unique occasion to spearhead a long overdue evolution in our industry.director

I have been called a drifter,...and other names, in a demeaning fashion; mainly for my continuous drive behind the IADP project.
Fact is, I am a committed individual, a non conformist, and the everlasting idealist.
A passionate mariner, professional diver and a business consultant, a colleague, a fellow dive professional; I live and breathe, the diving industry since 1988.

I started the DIVE PROFESSIONALS project in 2007, to unite likeminded professionals; and create a counter balance to global challenges, individuals cannot take on by themselves.
As the Interim Director, of the IADP, I take full responsibility, in putting our mission statement, and decisions by the Board of Directors, into actions.
Doing so with honesty, professionalism, integrity; and transparency to our members, colleagues and dedicated volunteers.

'Vis Unita Fortior' - 'Strength United is Stronger'

I invite you to read my blog, where I duly report our progress.
On behalf of the IADP, Thanks for visiting our site! 

It is an honor to serve you, my friends, colleagues, members, volunteers; and dedicated professionals worldwide.
Subscribe to my blog, to stay updated of our developments.

Milestone reached, the IADP is now a NPO in format...
Come to think about it...

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