Volunteer(s) Needed


The I.A.D.P TEAM is recruiting volunteers worldwide to strengthen our team of currently 9 volunteers, and our non profit project(s).
2020 marks the development of the I.A.D.P as a legalized structure (Euro Zone).

The largest segment among professional divers is the Training & Exploration Sector (also called 'Recreational Diving'). It is also the first segment we will be tackling the upcoming year.

Therefore we are seeking individuals that are:

1. divers (a basic knowledge of diving, more is also welcome), but more importantly...
2. bring a skills-set related to the positions below.
3. experience in not for profit project management is a +


  1. Be an idealist.
  2. Have a few hours weekly (more is always welcome!)
  3. Be dependable, and independent.
  4. Be the change, you want the diving industry to become.
  5. Be neutral (no conflict of interests), think globally.


  1. Community Managers
  2. Webmaster (Joomla/PHP/MySQL)
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Sales and Marketing Manager(s)
  5. Policy/Legal Advisers
  6. Regional Representatives
  7. Environmental Activists/Marine Biologists

Please Note: Some of the volunteers will progress to a remunerated position within 6 months based on performance.

Interested in joining this unique historical project for the benefit of professional divers worldwide?!

Check for our latest open positions, click here.

Send your resume, and motivation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My commitment for 2021, and beyond
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