Hello Everyone,
My name is Henri Hemmerechts and I have been one of the driving forces behind the dive professionals network since 2007. I apologize for not having contacted you all earlier.
But we are currently very busy with the development of our main portal and our team site.
Our portal is unique, as there's no independent portal for professionals out there. But it is also a vessel for our continuous strive towards more unity and professionalism in our industry. But more importantly the first step in solving the problems we as professionals face on a daily basis.
More on this in a few weeks when we re-launch our team site.

In the last weeks I have received various messages, many of support, some recommendations and suggestions and the usual one or two 'hate because they don't even take the time to understand what we are about, and think we want to copy PADI for some reason type of people'
Let me assure you this will stay a independent community project. This means this portal and other tools belong to you too. Speaking from the point of view of a training and exploration professional, this is the first time since Cousteau created the CMAS, that a project that has as aim the unification of diving professionals is attempted. I will clarify the why and how in one of my next blog posts.

A last quick point: Access to the portal will always be free, however we need memberships income, and the sale of service to ensure that we continuously aim to offer you more professional services, consistency. But furthermore to ensure we as an association/network do not get trapped into a cycle of dependency on donors. (the old skool will know what I mean)

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Latest Member Updates:

  • Our monthly Sunday2Sunday Race has started, are you game? Win Free membership upgrades, startup packages, and more...Open to all!
    As a token of our appreciation as being the first 170 members who have joined our portal, we decided that it's time for some rewards. And the rewards will be served to the 30 lucky members who made it on the Top30 member list during this week. More information
  • BETA testers: Get upgraded free, just ensure your profile is complete (you can check your profile completeness in your sidebar (top left blue square (click the arrow))
    Once it reads "...congratulations your profile is 100% complete. then you'll get upgraded.
  • Groups: The Training & Exploration PRO group has been opened, more groups will open as we go along in the next week so keep a lookout. Group access is restricted see the group details for more information. (this is what a lot of our members wanted in a recent poll in our facebook group). Join this group to network, and stay updated of news, jobs, latest stories tailor made to training and exploration professionals.

One last thing.

  • All registered members can upload events, photos and videos
  • Golden Tip: Start blogging if you want to extend your reach! just make a search in google for 'dive professionals' and you will get what I mean.
  • More news on our portal

Thanks again for joining, your support in these startup times really means a lot to us!

Kindly and Dive Safely,
Henri on Behalf of Dive Professionals.