Since 2021 the team of volunteers of the IADP have worked relentlessly on implementing our mission statement. 

"Develop and Supporting marine conservation projects, and education; worldwide. 
Providing active support to third world countries’ minority coastline residents and communities. Assisting local organizations in logistical support."
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The IADP provides it's members with services and products aimed at enhancing their careers and outlook; such as: Lobbying, Legal Support, Group Insurances, Benefits and Continuing Education. Enabling them to voice their opinions, and meet online with peers.

Q: What are we currently working on with our volunteers?

Since 2021, we are diligently working on our setup as an inclusive, transparent and democratic association. Our main priority was to use technology to enhance cooperation of our members. With the help of donors, sponsors and partners, we developed the Intranet Management System (IMS). The system is currently being used on a daily basis, by our volunteers, managers and directors who are located worldwide. Together they work on continuing the setup of the digital/management infrastructure.

But also on a variety of projects aimed at supporting our membership, such as THEDIVEPROFESSIONAL.ORG, or our environmental arm GOBLU3, currently being tested on the ground in Sudan's Red Sea, with #OPREDSEA.