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The IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS, work on a variety of campaigns; benefiting professional divers worldwide. Ranging from cooperation, with governmental institutions, in the Sudan; to working on trade recognition in the EU.


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Want to Dive Deeper
Do you have spare time, access to a computer and internet, a strong sense of idealism?
Want to put words, into deeds?
The IADP, and it's Team Leaders, are always on the lookout, for committed individuals.
Let's put this COVID downtime, in our industry to good use.
Check for open positions, by clicking the link below.

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As a committed individual, a non conformist, and the everlasting idealist.
A passionate mariner, professional diver and a business consultant, a colleague, a fellow dive professional; I live and breathe, the diving industry since 1988.
I invite you to read my blog, where I duly report our progress.
On behalf of the IADP volunteers, Thanks for visiting our site!