In an era of globalization, climate change & challenges, the International Association of Dive Professionals aims to unite quality oriented professionals, intent on creating a positive impact on our tradecraft, our work places and the aquatic environment; a legacy for future generations.

"Vis Unita Fortior"
"Strength United is Stronger"

We believe global challenges, career professionals face; can only be overcome by a collective, of like minded professionals, supporting each other. Furthermore, we believe that prosperity can only be achieved, by drastically reviewing outdated industry concepts, creating new types of professionals, and operations. Professional quality oriented divers, ready to tackle the needs of today, and mitigate future impacts on the natural environments, and industries we capitalize on.

The IADP is the only association of it's kind, regrouping all sectors and segments of the pro diver industries. From training & exploration professionals, to scientific divers and manufacturers. It provides it's members with services and products aimed at enhancing their careers and outlook; such as: Lobbying, Legal Support, Group Insurances, Benefits and Continuing Education.

Since it's first inception as discussion groups in 2007, the DIVE PROFESSIONALS project has been aimed at uniting professional divers regardless of their profession, or industry sector. Enabling them to voice their opinions, get access to continuing education, enhance their careers, and meet online with peers.
DIVE PROFESSIONALS Is the world's largest independent professional divers network with more than 40,000 followers, users and members in 5 Oceans and 7 continents.

Our members are active professionals in various sectors of the industry such as: Training and Exploration, Research, Manufacturing, Education, Commercial, Media, Public Service and Rescue. They are either full time or part time active in the industry, but abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics; separating them from the rest of the pack.

Ultimately aiming for recognition of trade, participation in the decision-making and creating a safe, long term profitable and safe environment for its members. Our team of volunteers worldwide, seek to create services, and products; that will benefit our friends, colleagues, the workforce and the industry at large. Leading by example, we are spearheading non profit environmental and social projects, around the world.