NAUI NL Course Directors and Trainers, donate a 1000$ worth of products

Our Christmas present came early last year, when ex NAUI colleagues Mr. Lukas van der Staak and Mr. Rick Veldman both NAUI Trainer and Course Director respectively, announced that they would support the setup of our NAUI Courses to the OC3ANCLUB, which has as mission to provide low cost scuba education, at the Red Sea Marine Academy & Experimental Research Center.

"NAUI is one of the oldest and most respected diver training organizations worldwide, active since 1960.

Well respected for it's high academic values and more advanced skills practice from beginner level onwards. The low certification costs, educational systems are a perfect match for running our OC3ANCLUB Dive courses." - H.Hemmerechts


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The French mission in Sudan, pledges support for #OPREDSEA projects in Port Sudan

The French mission in Sudan, pledges financial support in 2022 to various #opredsea projects in Port Sudan. The support will enable OCEANROAMERS to continue it's valuable missions, benefiting the sustainable development of the Red Sea for it's coastal communities. Most notably it will support various educational programs benefiting youths, and governmental agencies active in education and research.

And also provide well needed support to the Biodiversity restoration & monitoring projects, OCEANROAMERS is running in the Port Sudan/Wingate Reef Area.

During a lengthy meeting with Her Excellency Madam Raja Rabia, Ambassador to the French republic in Sudan, at the embassy in Khartoum. THEOCEANROAMER had the opportunity to brief her on the current marine environmental situation in the Red Sea. She watched the various presentations and short movies, about the several projects. 
The Ambassador who has previously served in Egypt, was very knowledgeable on issues affecting the Red Sea. 

She congratulated THEOCEANROAMER on his resilience, and reinforced her commitment to support his efforts in the Red Sea.

OPERATION RED SEA (#OPREDSEA) was implemented on the ground in Khartoum and Port Sudan last May 2021, after a 5 month preparation by THEOCEANROAMER and several volunteers.


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I clean underwater, you clean above water, we clean. Cleaner waterways, for a clean Port Sudan. #OPREDSEA

"It's not my garbage, but it's my planet!..." TheOceanRoamer In June 2021, we started cleaning the Port Sudan harbor. In the meantime we have already recovered more than 7 tons of an assortment of trash. And no end in sight we are recovering a pile up of trash amassed over decades.  I will never forget the look on some people's faces,


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Sudan WCGA Marine Park Ranger Training

Last week saw the first week, of the training for the Sudan Marine Park Rangers. 3 executive officers, a soldier and a SUDIA representative, are taking part in this course, which is held at the RSMA | ERC location, in the Harbour of Port Sudan. This week was more centered around swimming, snorkeling and some Freediving workshops. Very intensive for


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Biodiversity restoration project started

The House Reef fringing, the Red Sea Marine Academy | Experimental Research Center, is a perfect testing ground for our biodiversity restoration project. With many impacts, such as heat, pollution, siltation and derived effects, the challenge is immense, the daily stress on the fauna and flora is palpable...

Only a few weeks ago, last September, a heatwave, and algae bloom devastated the colonies of Acropora corals, and put immense stress on the biodiversity, of the house-reef. The team, has now 1 year, to find solutions to these recurring heatwaves, and subsequent coral bleaching events. The race is on!

The program since it's preparatory phases during last summer, is still in the mapping and cleaning phase of the project. The extensive accumulation, of trash during decades, led our team to recover approximately 7 tons of trash (since May 2021). A large quantity of that trash is now, being stored; to be part of our recycling programs.

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1 Year on #OPREDSEA, from Belgium to Sudan

It's been a year since, the conceptual stages of Operation Red Sea started, in Belgium.THEOCEANROAMER narrates this epoch, that takes you from Belgium to the shores of Sudan; in an effort to help sustainable development of the Red Sea shore lines.After that he introduces you to the Red Sea Marine Academy | Experimental Research Center project, unde


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