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I.A.D.P members nurture a positive impact on their trade, work places and the aquatic environment; creating a legacy for future generations of professional divers.

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What are we working on?

Since October 2021, we have been diligently working on establishing our association as inclusive, transparent, and democratic. Our most ambitious initiative has been the implementation of our GOBLU3, MAERC, and VAULT projects, developed over the last few decades. Operation Red Sea tested these concepts on the shorelines of Sudan and Egypt's Red Sea.

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Continents and Oceans apart, we come together to make a difference. While some of our volunteers work on project locations, others work on impactful projects from the comfort of their own homes, needing only access to a web browser. Our global management infrastructure is collaborative, inclusive and transparent. Your unique contributions can help us achieve our mission. Become a part of our dedicated team today and make a positive impact on the diving industry and the world's oceans.