"COTS... The 21 armed vampire like alien starfish, voracious devourer of entire coral reef systems. Sudanese Red Sea reefs enemy #1"

15th of July 2022 TheOceanRoamer during his daily reef research and monitoring activities for the Vault | Sudan project, was the first (and only, still to this day) who identified a massive COTS Outbreak of the coast of Port Sudan. While he reached out to local and international organizations for help, until today no comprehensive action has been undertaken to counter this ever growing threat. The local will and understanding is there, however the resources are simply not available.

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Operation Red Sea builds on previous efforts in the Red Sea State of Sudan, performed in the early 2000’s by African Parks Foundation and OCEANROAMERS.
While the efforts in the time focused solely on the management and development of the M.P. A’s (Marine Protected Areas) of Sanganeb Atoll, Dungonab Bay and Mukkawar Island Marine national parks.

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"2023, the year we stopped destroying, the reefs of the Red Sea."


While Egypt is a world leader in fixed moorings, many countries around the Red Sea still do not have access to the necessary infrastructure. The resulting damage to these reefs, of anchoring damages, could easily be avoided, with fixed moorings, avoiding the need for destructive anchoring practices. The IADP, with it's GOBLU3 Red Sea alliance will change this, by giving access to the machinery, courses and organize regular mooring missions to countries in need around the Red Sea basin.

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MAERC Logo"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -W.B.Yates


After several years of research, the IADP educational department decided to address the lack in internationally recognized professional curricula for pro divers active in scientific, environmental protection enforcement and public safety sectors. In November 2022 a location was secured in Egypt's - Ain Sokhna region in the Dome Marina.
The infrastructure provided at the Dome Marina is perfect for our curricula development, but also more importantly due to it's vicinity to the Red Sea largest industrial infrastructure; a perfect experimental research centre location, to develop our knowledge and understanding of pollution, and it's impact on the Red Sea.


A qualitative marine science hubs; where environmentalism, technology, science and marine skills education, foster sustainable development, safeguard and restore marine biodiversity. Developing internationally recognized, marine science professional and non professional skills development curricula.
Provide a modern infrastructure, and fostering international cooperation, with universities, ngo's, go's active in research, sustainable development and conservation.
Spearheading experimental research in the fields of sustainable development, fisheries, energy, erosion, water treatment, biosphere restoration. 


Currently we are managing the development of MAERC in both Ain Sokhna - Egypt and in Port Sudan - Sudan. The curricula being developed are reflecting the very needs of the areas and people they are serving. Curricula are developed to mitigate the adverse effects, each area is experiencing. While our project location in Egypt, is impacted by tourism, industrial and direct human interaction. In Sudan we face indirect consequences of global warming, and direct human interaction in unsustainable fishing and poaching practices.



  • GoBlu3 - The Art and Technology of SeaScaping.
  • GoBlu3 - Scientific Diver Level 1
  • Dive Professional - Training and Exploration PRO Level 1
  • Dive Professional - Scientific Diver PRO Level 1
  • Dive Professional - Public Service Diver PRO Level 1
  • Dive Professional - Seamanship PRO Level 1


  • GoBlu3 - COTS Eradication Specialty Course Diver/PRO
  • GoBlu3 - Marine Predators Monitoring Specialty Course Diver/PRO
  • Dive Professional - Marine Park Rangers PRO Level 1

THE VAULT SUDAN"Rising sea temperatures and seasonal temperature spikes, are threatening the more fragile coral types of Sudan's pristine shore lines. What was a once or twice in a decade occurrence, has now turned into a deadly yearly event, of bleaching and algae blooms. During these bleaching events, temperatures can top 35°C (95°F)". 

"Saving the Past and Future of Sudan's Red Sea Aquaculture."

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