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My commitment for 2021, and beyond

Following our mission statement, volunteers and employee's of the IADP work on a multitude of projects.The Year 2021, while still in under global pandemic, that began in 2020; brings its challenges, not only for our team; but also for professional divers worldwide.We aim to take this respite, as a unique occasion to spearhead a long overdue evoluti...
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Staffing / Volunteers


The I.A.D.P is currently seeking, motivated individuals.

Some of the below mentioned positions are/will be on a voluntary basis, however with benefits in natura.
Other positions will be on a no cure no pay basis, for a few months until we progress to the next stage.

All successful applicants will be expected to have a certain minimum dedicated time per week, at disposition for the projects they are assigned to. All jobs can be done in your own time, and location; as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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Volunteer(s) Needed


The I.A.D.P TEAM is recruiting volunteers worldwide to strengthen our team of currently 9 volunteers, and our non profit project(s).
2020 marks the development of the I.A.D.P as a legalized structure (Euro Zone).

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