With dire reports coming from all over the world's Oceans, the time to act has never been more urgent. It is clear that the classic conservation efforts of the last 70 years are failing to achieve, their intended objectives. GOBLU3 takes a renewed look at conservation, and sustainable development. Re-evaluating our natural marine resources, and the way we monitor and manage them.

Article Index

  1. Promote regional stewardships, through the creation of regional alliances, comprised of different sector stakeholders resulting in the creation of localized action committee's. 
  2. Empower the Dive Industry professionals, to partake in a green-blue revolution. By making training programs; tools, understanding and support, available to enforce direct localized action.
  3. Create a tech platform that will:
    1. Facilitate the dissemination of training programs
    2. Provide open source access to monitoring data
    3. Create up to date ocean health reports
  4. Provide fundraising for socio/environmental projects.
  5. Support training & consultative aid programs for professional divers, in low income coastal communities.

Healthier and more productive seas can be an engine for more and better jobs in the future.

Focusing on these priorities, through innovation and greater investment in building expertise and capacity in our coastal communities, has the potential to support additional jobs, and address food shortages.