The backbone of the IADP, are it's volunteers, who over the years have contributed enormously, to elevating us to where we are now. But for now we still are an emerging, non profit organization, largely funded by its founders and volunteers. So if you are looking for a high paid cushy job, sorry to disappoint.

With the implementation of our very own INTRANET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, we collaborate with colleagues worldwide.

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  • Research, Legal / Para Legal consultants:
    For our quality assurance & legal department, we are seeking individuals who are comfortable within the legal realms, with experience in diving standards and regulations. 

  • Course Developers: Have you developed quality course curriculums, specifically aimed at professional divers and businesses? Or more mainstream professional courses, that could be utile to small and medium sized businesses? If so please do reach out to us.

  • Online Community managers:
    We have a large network of followers, fans and members to take care of, on different social networks.
    For both our Linkedin and Facebook groups, but more importantly, for our sector specific groups on our dedicated portal (relaunching summer 2022)
    Moderators are there to manage discussions, members, and enforce specific group rules. Posting news and updates, and generally keeping discussions clean and on topic.
    Knowledge of social networks, and group management is a must. Individuals need to have a good understanding of the following sectors:
    • Training & Exploration
    • Public Service
    • Media & Arts
    • Science:
      • Marine Biology
      • Hyperbaric Medicine
      • Marine Archeology

Please send your full CV, including motivation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the attention of Mrs. Lara Gerdes. click here to send a message now.