The backbone of the IADP, are it's volunteers, who over the years have contributed enormously, to elevating us to where we are now. But for now we still are an emerging, non profit organization, largely funded by its founders and volunteers. So if you are looking for a high paid cushy job, sorry to disappoint.

With the implementation of our very own INTRANET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, we collaborate with colleagues worldwide.

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  • Fundraising Specialists:
    For our Not for profit IADP project and it's subordinate marine conservation projects GOBLU3. We are seeking individuals with a proven track record of writing grants and fundraising proposals to work alongside our project managers and international partners. Your function will consist in assisting, setting up fundraising projects, writing grant proposals; and ultimately fundraising.
    Knowledge of using a CRM is an advantage.

  • Sales and Marketing gurus:
    For our memberships, and Magazines we are seeking motivated individuals that will be in charge of regional sales and marketing for the Areas: Europe & North America. Your job will consist of coordinating, and implementing sales and marketing strategies. Write press releases, coordinate marketing and fundraising campaigns. Oversee communications and entertain contacts with your members.
    Knowledge of using a CRM is and advantage.

  • Area Representatives (More Soon)

  • Scientific Advisor - Marine Biologist (More Soon)

Please send your full CV, including motivation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the attention of Mrs. Lara Gerdes. click here to send a message now.